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Dr. Lauren Wade (Medical Director)


Hello! My name is Lauren Wade (I’m the one in the left in this picture).  

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and realized that I wanted to be a veterinarian early in life. I loved science and math (yep, I’m a nerd), animals (what vet doesn’t), and the problem solving and compassion that I saw in the veterinarians, I knew veterinary medicine was the perfect career choice for me.

I studied Biology at Wittenberg University and was accepted as a member of THE Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine class of 2000.  

After graduation, I moved to northeastern Ohio, beginning in an all equine practice and moving to Big Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2003.  I took a brief (and ill advised) sabbatical from Big Creek in 2020, and happily  rejoined the new Encore/Big Creek team in June of 2021. 

In addition to practicing veterinary medicine, I enjoy riding and showing my Hanoverian gelding Tommy (who is on the right in the picture).  I am also a joyful and enthusiastic (if not skilled) singer and dancer. I live in Burton with my tolerant and handsome husband Frank, my two occasionally clean and always fabulous  Border Terriers – George and Gracie, and 1 3/4 cats – creatively named Man Cat and Three Leg.